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News and articles

Career College - Ten tips to make it… as a student entrepreneur

22nd Jun 2018

Student Nannies have done a wonderful and informative article about life as a young start-up, with some tips and experience. 

Design Council SPARK - Meet the Finalists

20th Mar 2018

TruRegard and 11 others have been chosen by The Design Council and Arthritis research UK for the 4th SPARK accelerator program.

Sky News - Competition seeks the UK's 10 best inventions

12th Feb 2018

The Nesta inventor prize has been features on sky news. Sky news have done a great rundown of all the inventors wonderful creations. They have also done a vote!

NESTA - Britain's Best new inventors

29th Jan 2018

The Game Begins. The Nesta Inventor Prize has begun and the Unity door handle has been chosen as one of the Finalist in the search for Britain's best inventors.

Royal Society of Arts - Strong ergonomic design and delightful sculptural form

6th Jun 2018

We love the way it includes people both physically and emotionally. 

We are impressed by the enthusiasm, professionalism, and by the level of research and insights

Enterprise Nation - Student Start Up of the Year

15th Mar 2018

Enterprise Nation are doing the Student start up of the year competition! They have selected 5 Start ups as finalist from across the UK and we are one of them!

Brunel University - Designer nails hands-free door handle

8th Feb 2018

Brunel University, my own place of study, has done an article about the handle and the Competition.

RIDC - Inclusive design, a student’s view

11th Nov 2017

How did this product start, why and where? All thing covered in this great informative article by RIDC

(formerly RICA)

Nesta - A talk with TruRegard's Director

29th Mar 2018

Nesta, the wonderful people responsible for the Inventor Prize, have done another article. This time they had a chat with TruRegard's Director and founder.

The Engineer - Ergonomic handle opens doors for young design student

12th Feb 2018

A handle to be visually pleasing, and its sleek design is aimed at removing the stigmatism around mobility aids.

The Voice Newspaper - Door handle re-imagined to transform lives

29th Jan 2018

The Voice  has done an article about Unity handle and the inventor. Yet another wonderful piece showing the support for this project.

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