How strong is the Tru Grip?

Tru Grip can withstand the force of hard impacts and pulling. For safety we don’t recommend using Tru Grip to support your whole weight but rather as an added addition to the strength of your existing door handle.

Can I get Tru Grip in different colours or materials?

NOT YET. We are working on different colours, patterns and designs for the visually impaired, for children and different materials like metal. If you have an idea for a design or colour, we would love to hear it! So please contact us.

Can I use Tru Grip on door knobs?

Tru Grip can be tied onto door knobs, but we have found it depends on the door knobs size and shape. At a minimum it can provide a larger pull style handle for the door, but the opening and closing mechanism of the door may still be controlled by the knob.

How do I secure Tru Grip on my Door?

We have worked hard to make sure the Tru Grip can securely fit on almost handle you might have. The simplest way to do that was by using zip ties. This makes the handle very strong, easy replace, and less likely to break.

  1. Place the grip on the door handle.
  2. Take a ziptie (included with every handle) and slip it though the holes on the handle. Then pull the zip ties tight around your door handle and cut off the long bit.
  3. Make sue you have AT LEAST 2 ZIP TIES looped around the handle.
  4. Check the grip doesn’t move/slide around.

Is Tru Grip suitable for Outside?

YES. Tru Grip is made of a durable ABS plastic, meaning it’s strong and weather resistant. Feel free to put it on any door you have. Indoors or Outdoors.

Can Tru Grip go on PVC door’s handles?

YES. PVC door are common for back doors and tend to have thick handles so you may not be able to fit all 3 Zip Ties on to the door, but Tru Grip will still be secure.

These doors also tend to Lock by pulling upwards, which can be a awkward, jerking motion; We recommend attaching the Tru Grip Upside down to have a better angle and be able to apply more force.

What door handles can Tru Grip be used on?

The Tru Grip is designed to be used with ALMOST any handle. We have tested it with 100’s of styles and designs but if your handle is very different, it may have some issues. IF YOU CAN FIND A HANDLE IT DOESN’T FIT ON, WE WANT TO KNOW! Contact us.

Is Tru Grip Recyclable?

YES. If anything does break, let us know and we will replace it FOR FREE.

When you throw away the old handle, rest assumed as it's made of ABS plastic and can be but in the plastic recycling bin.

Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work for me?

YES. If you decide that the Tru grip doesn’t meet your needs we can offer a FULL REFUND. We would also love to know why it didn’t work for you so we can improve. Please see “refunds and returns” page for more.

Can I get a refund if Tru Grip breaks?

YES. If Tru grip fails from “normal use” we will give a FULL REFUND or REPLACE the handle for free, your choice. Please see “refunds and returns” page for more.

Can Tru Grip be cleaned?

YES. Tru Grip is easy to clean with most standard chemical cleaners or disinfectant.

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