Why we do what we do. 

TruRegard got its start in the Design Council and Arthritis Research UK’s accelerator, SPARK. As finalist on the program we had access to some of the best and most knowledgeable experts in the field. Since then we have been making it our mission to help change the way products for people with Arthritis and similar conditions are designed.

We think usable products can also be stylish. So, stylish that anyone could have one. They definitely shouldn’t look like they have been taken straight out of a hospital and announce to the whole world what conditions you do or don’t have. You didn’t choose your body, by you can choose what products you use.

So, we asked 100’s of people with and without movement limiting conditions, like Arthritis, about their door handles. As it turns out, everyone has had moments where using the door is tricky. Having your arms full of shopping, children or a flair up and pain in the joints. Point is, sometimes doors are hard.

So, we wanted to make something for those of us who can have a little trouble gripping things.

The Tru grip’s ergonomic form and long “tick” shape supports your hand and wrist, so you don’t need as much force or strength to open and close your door. It also makes it easy to use your knee or other body parts without having to contort yourself into odd angles.

For us a door handle isn’t just a tool to use a door. It’s an invitation to a space and to the people and the experiences in that space. That’s why it’s so important that a door handle is as easy to use for everyone as we can make it.

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