TruRegard ltd. has over 100 designs, works and variations internationally protected.

“All intellectual property rights in our designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website/brochure) are and will remain the property of TruRegard ltd. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously.”

"Saemtliche Rechte geistigen Eigentums, die an unseren Designs und unseren Produkten bestehen (sowie an Bildern, Texten und dem Design dieser Website und des Vermarktungsmaterials), liegen und verbleiben in dem ausschliesslichenEigentum der TruRegard ltd. Jegliche Rechtsverletzung wird entschieden verfolgt und geahndetwerden."

我们/公司的设计和产品(以及本网站/营销材料的图像,文本和设计)中的所有知识产权 这些权利归TruRegard有限公司所有。我们/公司将承诺对这些权利负责 什么是侵权。

"Wǒmen/gōngsī de shèjì hé chǎnpǐn (yǐjí běn wǎngzhàn/yíngxiāo cáiliào de túxiàng, wénběn hé shèjì) zhōng de suǒyǒu zhīshì chǎnquán zhèxiē quánlì guī TruRegard yǒuxiàn gōngsī suǒyǒu. Wǒmen/gōngsī jiāng chéngnuò duì zhèxiē quánlì fùzé shénme shì qīnquán."

about us

We know that by providing beautiful, usable and safe equipment, we can bring people together; increase property value and remove the stigma around accessibility equipment.


So, we created a handle that unifies people, places and capabilities. To integrate inclusive values in spaces without a stigma of disability.

To enable people to feel confident in their capability.


The Tru Unity Door Handle, by TruRegard, is designed to change how we perceive and address capability in all environments. It requires no fine motor controls, grip, arm, hand or wrist strength.



If you would like to know more about us, our design ethos or the Tru Unity door handle please contact us below.


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