Something you’re PROUD TO USE

Stigma free mobility aids
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Mobility aids can be

easy to use AND look cool.

Mobility products don't have to look like your Grandma’s.  
They can work well and make us feel great. 


Use your elbow, foot, knee or

whatever you need to…even your hand, but you don’t have to.

EASY to use

Reduce the strain on your joints and have easy control of your door.


Easy to securely attach to any existing door and just as easy to remove.

Easy to install

Replaceable zip ties mean
no bolts, screws, no damage

to your existing door.

The physical challenges

are only half the problem.

Living with a limiting condition or disability is hard. Having ugly and bulky equipment around your own home effects confidence, pride, acceptance and self-worth.

Looking good Feels great.

Living with nice looking products has proven to increase confidence and pride in yourself and in your ability.

We don't get to choose our bodies,

but we can choose what products we use.

Own something you’re proud to use,

not just something you need to use. 


New found confidence.

"I used to hide my arthritis as much as possible and just struggle through the bad days. Not any more.”


Amy, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Your home should reflect you. Not your condition.

We want you to feel good in your home and take pride

in the products you choose to use.

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